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Death, The Devil, and The Hermit: Three Major Arcane Cards You Should Know

Posted by on Mar 25, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you’re curious about tarot cards and are getting ready to get a reading, then you might want to know about some of the more infamous cards. Below are three of the most talked-about cards from the major arcana. One thing to note before reading the overview of the cards is to learn about “upright” and “reversed” tarot cards. In a tarot card reading, a card can mean two different things depending on how it lies. A tarot card is either “upright” or “reversed.” It’s reversed when the figure is upside down.   The Hermit This card depicts an elderly man dressed in a long cloak, holding a staff in one hand and a lantern in the other. The hermit is standing upon a mountain, looking off into the night. An upright hermit card will symbolize a person seeking enlightenment, or perhaps that they are illuminating the path for those who follow. It might indicate that one is alone, seeking solitude, or soon to find oneself in such a position. A reversed hermit, on the other hand, is indicative that one has become isolated. Rather than finding solitude, this person has found loneliness. The reversed hermit also foretells the dangers of continuing on the path of isolation and intense introspection without any interaction with the world. Death This card depicts a skeleton. The skeleton is sometimes riding a horse and sometimes standing in a field depending on the artist who designed the tarot deck. The skeleton will often be holding a sickle. Of all of the cards in the major arcana, this one is probably the most misunderstood. It doesn’t mean that one will die. It doesn’t even refer to a physical death. Instead it deals with the death of a behavior, idea, or phase in one’s life. An upright Death is often a positive sign. It can foretell the end of a troublesome situation in your life. The figure of death might be indicative of a person’s ability to leave behind a bad situation, be it a toxic relationship or bad habit. On the other hand, a reversed Death is normally a sign that the person will not put something in the past. They might be dwelling on a past injustice or staying in a situation that is holding them back. The Devil The devil is portrayed as goatlike creature. The original image was based off of Baphomet, a fictional character. Oftentimes the Devil will have two chained slaves, a male and female, standing in the foreground. The image of a pentagram will also feature on the card. An upright Devil will indicate that one is chained to something, be it money, a bad relationship, or some addiction. It also symbolizes that one’s lust and avarice have taken control. In this way the Devil is interpreted by many to be a statement that one has become enslaved to desires and greed. Finally, it can be seen to foretell a dangerous situation that will soon ensnare the person. The Devil reversed indicates that the person is ready to break free of the chains of greed, addiction, or lust. It also suggests that the person is going to be able to extricate themselves from the dangerous situation they are in. Now that you have a better idea of what these cards...

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Options For Caring For Your Elderly Loved Ones

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Uncategorized |

As your loved ones age, they will require an increasing level of care. In the beginning, they might just need extra help cleaning the house. But as the symptoms of age set in, they may eventually need full-time attention. Helping From a Distance If you moved away after you got married, you may live a great distance from your elderly loved one. In that case, you can take advantage of automated assistance from third party suppliers. You can set up the details for meal delivery, regular housekeeping visits, and transportation for trips to the store and doctor visits. There are many options to choose from, including visiting caregivers who will go for walks with your loved one and provide friendly companionship. Helping in Person If you live nearby, you can play a more active role in helping your loved one deal with the problems of old age. Consider the environment where they live. Could you make improvements to make things easier, safer or more comfortable? One idea would be to make sure everything they need is well within reach. Survey cabinets and shelves and bring down anything that is too high for them to easily reach. Install handrails around the house to prevent falls. Make sure there are plenty of phone extensions if they need to call for help in any room. Treat them to an array of new, soft pillows, keeping in mind lumbar support, swelling, and knee and joint pain from arthritis. Transitioning to the Next Stage There will come a time when it may no longer be possible for your loved one to live alone. In today’s society, you no longer need to send them straight to a nursing home. Assisted living facilities cater to seniors who are in that stage where they sometimes need help, but sometimes don’t. These facilities provide a safe, pastoral environment where your loved one can live their life as they wish, including worshiping, enjoying light entertainment, and engaging in social activities. Living in an assisted living environment feels more like living in an apartment, so it’s a good option for seniors who are not ready to give up their independence. Your elderly loved one will appreciate your help with the challenges they face in old age. No matter if you help from afar, help in person, or enlist the services of an assisted living home, such as United Methodist Village, anything you can do will make their lives...

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It’s Never Easy To Say Good-Bye: 5 Special Ways To Remember Your Loved One

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Uncategorized |

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. You’re suddenly left to make funeral plans that you might not have been prepared to make. Amidst the funeral arrangements, you’re going to be planning for things like caskets and grave markers. Here are some special ways you can memorialize your loved one. Plant a Garden If your loved one loved the outdoors, a garden is the perfect way to memorialize them. Find a quiet place in your yard and turn it into a memorial garden. Flowering plants and a cozy bench will allow you to spend quiet time remembering your loved one. Write a Journal Everyone who comes to the funeral will have special memories of your loved one. Gather those memories in one place to create a lasting memory of your loved one. Instead of having your guests sign a guest registry, have them write down a few special memories about your loved one. After the funeral, you can place those papers in a journal or have them printed and bound as a book. Create a Gem If your loved one is going to be cremated, you might want to consider turning some of their ashes into a beautiful gem. Through a special process, cremated ashes can be turned into memorial diamonds. You can have those diamonds placed in jewelry settings or just keep them as an individual keepsake. Look to the Stars Look up in the sky. There are at least a million stars all twinkling in the night. Each one of those stars has a name. Some of those stars are named after people who have passed away. You can name a star after your loved one, as well. Each time you look in the night sky, you’ll know that you’re looking at a lasting memory of your loved one. Dedicate a Park Bench Did you have a special park that you and your loved one enjoyed spending time at? If you did, you can dedicate a bench in their honor. Your park bench will have a special place in the park where you’ll be able to go and spend time. You want your loved one’s funeral to represent how special they were. You want everything to be perfect. You can show your love by creating a lasting memorial to the person that has passed away. For grave side memorials, talk to a local company, such as Palmer Bros Granite Co, about your options. These thoughtful ideas will help you plan the perfect memorial for your loved...

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Bible In The Family For Generations? How To Care For It

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If you own an old bible that has been in your family for many generations, this is something that is likely very important to you. Below are the steps you can take to care for this book, to ensure it can continue being passed down within your family. Watch Out For The Sun One of the things that books do not like is the sun. If you place your old bible in direct sunlight, the cover will fade, the outside edges of the pages will become brittle, and, if the bible is leather, it will start to crack. If you have your bible on a bookshelf that is in the sun, and you do not want to move your book, there are UV-resistant plastic book covers you can purchase at most craft stores or bookstores. Wrap the bible in this jacket to keep it protected from the harmful UV rays. Keep The Dust Off If you allow dust to build up on your bible, it can cause mildew and mold growth. It can also encourage a bug infestation, as many insects feed on mold and mildew. Make sure you dust your bible on a regular basis. You can simply use a feather duster, or a soft dry cloth. Do not spray any type of cleaner on the bible. If you have a glass front cabinet, this is a good way to keep your bible dust free. There are bible stands you can purchase to proudly display your bible in the cabinet. You should be able to find these stands at bookstores. Give Your Bible Room If keeping your bible on a shelf, give it some room.  You should not squeeze it in between two other books, but instead have a few inches on each side of it. This allows you to easily pull it out whenever you want to read it without having to pull on the top of the spine. You could also store the bible flat instead of standing it upright. Protect Cover Keep the bible wrapped in an acid-free plastic book cover. It protects the book cover from dirt, oils from hands, and over-handling the bible. You can find these book covers in most bookstores. If you have any more questions about taking care of your bible, visit a bookstore. They should have a wealth of knowledge on taking and preserving books. If you carry it back and forth to church each week, they should have bible carrying cases you can purchase to keep it...

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What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?

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If you are considering giving up meat, fish and dairy, you might be headed toward becoming a vegan. There are actually multiple types of vegetarian lifestyles, with veganism being just one of them. If someone calls themselves a vegetarian, they might still have dairy and eggs, or fish if they are a pescatarian. A vegan has absolutely no animal byproducts whatsoever. Anything that comes from an animal is not consumed by a vegan, including all meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs. This also includes food or drinks that use animal products during processing, like some wine, bouillon cubes, and refined white sugar. Many vegans also stick to an animal-free lifestyle, where they don’t use products tested on animals, and won’t wear leather or fur. Here is more information about becoming a vegan and what you can eat. What Can You Eat? A common question asked by people who are thinking about becoming vegans is what exactly they can eat. You already know what you can’t eat and are probably realizing just how many of these prohibited ingredients are in basic foods you eat now. Vegans eat a healthy diet of whole grains, beans, legumes, fruit and vegetables. Since you don’t get your iron and protein from meat sources, you will get it from your vegetables, beans and legumes. Some vegans also take vitamins or mineral supplements to make up for nutrients you are lacking. What Are Food Substitutes? Food substitutes used in the vegan diet are ingredients that can take the place of prohibited animal products in recipes. These items can mimic the taste or texture of eggs, milk, cheese or other ingredients you don’t consume as a vegan. For example, you might want to make pancakes but you cannot use buttermilk, since it is made from cow’s milk. In this case, you can combine rice or soy milk with apple cider vinegar and allow it to curdle. A good substitute for butter is vegetable oil or olive oil, while there are store-bought vegan egg substitutes that are similar in texture to real eggs. How Do You Become a Vegan? While the method you choose is completely up to you, it is recommended that you start slow when you are used to a regular diet of animal products. You can start by cutting out meat and fish, but still having dairy products. After you get used to a regular vegetarian lifestyle, start removing one dairy product at a time, like starting with removing eggs from your diet, then no longer having milk, and then butter. You can also try preparing vegan recipes now and alternating between vegan and non-vegan recipes until you start becoming accustomed to eating as a...

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